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Dandy Candy Vowel Digraphs ee or ea Download the pictures and
Dandy Candy Vowel Digraphs ee or ea. Download the pictures and words (free). Students will match the correct vowel digraph word with its matching picture.
Dandy Candy Vowel Digraphs | Vowel Digraphs | Pinterest | Vowel digraphs, Phonics and Phonics words
EE EA worksheets and activities that your students will love - so much differentiated vowel teams
Dandy Candy Vowel Digraphs | Vowel Digraphs | Pinterest | Vowel digraphs, Phonics and Phonics words
vowel -e- sorting cards free Phonics Reading, Teaching Phonics, Phonics Activities,
EE Vowel Digraph Games-Activities-Worksheets {84 pages}. A page from the unit: worksheet
First of all, I am super duper excited about my new blog that will be
Long e: Long e {ie, ea, ee, ey, y sounds like i} Bundle Sampler - You will receive 6 phonics task cards focusing on long e vowel teams.
ee/ea free download activity Word Study, Word Work, Phonics Words, Long
Long e Text Pics
Vowel Teams EE & EA Long e game boards (ee & ea)
"Find Someone Who..." is a great activity for the beginning of
Keep your students engaged while practicing long u words with this fun game! Students will
Vowel Digraphs : Short OO verses Long OO
Image result for anchor chart problem and solution Plot Anchor Chart, Fiction Anchor Chart,
EE and EA together? For my firsties? All in a 4 day
Candy Colored Long Vowel Team Games featuring ai/ea/ee/oa & a
IE in Tie
ee/ea freebie
COST Teeth activities (lots of teeth themed activities including sorting /ee/ & /ea/ words).
Long Vowels 'ee' No Prep Printables FREEBIE
Flip Books for Vowel Pairs
vowel digraphs: EE and EA
Vowel Digraph Bundle- 28 Common Core aligned center activities, totaling over 200 pages,
An ee/ea printable, eating our predictions and a little more graphing
My favourite series to teach phonics, digraphs, etc. Alphablocks My kids LOVE it
"EA" Word Work!
FREE - AI vowel team practice. vowel digraph words with the long a sound.
Long E Matching Game: Cut the cards on both pages. Match the pictures to
Vowel Team Word Work! This is word work at its BEST! Kids get to color, spin the spinner and box up the mystery words!
FREE - Vowel Team game using long vowel digarphs
EW, UI, UE Vowel Pair Write the Room FREE | Free K-3 Literacy Resources | Pinterest | Writing, Phonics and Teaching writing
Try this hands-on approach to teaching the vowel team EE and EA. Make
Vowel team ee, ea sort & activities
Short/Long e Worksheet (ea)
long ee ea bee short e contrast
FREE ai and ay Long Vowel Activities, Vowels Task Cards
First Grade and Fabulous: EE and EA/ I**Includes a Free Sort · Vowel DigraphsWord ...
These simple onset rime puzzles are a fun way to practice spelling Long Vowel Digraph words
FREE phonics game, students match words with their vowel pattern and try to get four
Vowel Digraphs : Short OO verses Long OO. Print, Cut, and
ai and ay phonics unit
Long /oo/ Vowel Digraphs - oo, ew, ui Vowel Digraphs, Kids
Vowel Digraphs ai / ay (Word Building Mats)
If you have purchased any of the vowel teams, they
Digraph Brainstorming Templates - Wh, Th, Sh, Ch | Students, Kindergarten and Phonics
Number Sense Activities
Phonics Chant to practice and review different phonics combinations ai, ay, ee, ea
-ee, -ea word sort
Happy Ewwww Year: EW, UE, and OO posters, activities, and games
Curious Firsties long e powerpoint
Digraph oo Packet
My Silly Firsties: Number Sense Activities Number Sense Activities, Numeracy Activities, Math Games
Free digraph playdough mats! Fun literacy center or digraph activity for kindergarten and first grade
Teaching ideas
Adventures of First Grade: Long E {EA and EE} A wEEk before spring
Vowel team sorting activities
Phonics Color It - digraphs, r-controlled vowels and more. Get this page
Mrs. Johnson's First Grade: Creative Writing with "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds
Wintertime Winter Activities
This was the first time my students were introduced to vowel phonics and I had some doubts if they would grasp it easily but luckily they d.
FREE NO PREP Vowel Digraphs Printables
{Freebie} Flip the Vowel Task Cards and CVC Blending Strips
Vowel Team Freebie Sort
FREE vowel digraph sorting center!!!This is a free sorting center game where
love this vowel sound sort! have to remeber to buy it during the spring!
OO, AU, EW, and more vowel digraphs. This winter themed activity will
Foldable for teaching parts of speech Teaching Grammar, Teaching Writing, Teaching Tools, Teaching
ai and ay activities to download Reading Tutoring, Reading Skills, Rhyming Activities, Classroom
Vowel Digraph Word Work - ai, ay, ee, ea, oa, ow
Flying into First Grade: Freebie- diphthongs around the room First Grade Words, First
Bossy R and the Diphthongs - Reading Vowels & Phonics Activities and Games
e-ee-ea Halloween Buckets Ee Words, Word Patterns, Halloween Words,
Western Theme Vowel Teams Activity with Free Printable
Vowel Digraph Egg Hunt
Long E ee ea FREEBIE
beginning sound games
Vowel digraph double oo sound words like pool cool school tool broom room too boo spookley
3 Letter Q Coloring Pages - Easy Download!
Fern's Freebie Friday ~ The -ock Family Spelling {Word Work} Lists Spelling Lists
Phonics Fun for Firsties Are you looking for something fun, but still engaging for your
playdoh {ee, ea}
Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! Mine is about to
*FREEBIE* I Have, Who Has-Homophones @Kathleen S S Eubanks @Christine
If you loved it let them know! Phonics Reading, Kindergarten Reading, Teaching Reading
Vowel and Consonant Blends Flashcards/Posters
We are learning short vowels right now, need to print these. - short vowel poems- cute short a poem :)
Vowel rule: When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. In the word monkey—“e” says its name, as in the alphabet.
Foxwell Forest
r-controlled vowels, digraphs, magic e and vowel teams bundle R Controlled Vowels
10 centers & activities for practicing beginning sounds! Perfect for pre-k and the
Primary Reading Party: St. Patrick's Day English Spelling, English Language Arts, Primary
Work on telling time with these fun and free time to the hour puzzles! Telling
Students sort the words by long vowel sound, highlight the vowel team or silent e vowel pattern, and glue. Excellent!
Read and Sequence (unit makeover and a lemonade freebie)
Life in First Grade: Last Week in Pictures (Plus Pirate /ar/ activities
"Dandy Candy Vowel Digraphs". See more. Totally Tots: Feed the Monster Language Game ~ Once Upon a Book Abc Games,