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... Classic T-Shirt. Shenmue - Ryo Drinking "Ah good.
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(The cat lovers: little Megumi and Ryo)
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Blazing lasers
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Hubiner Walker
... the owner gives milk to Ryo and Ryo beat the shit out of the sailors. I lost in the first time, because i am still getting the time for the QTE lol.
(Don't let the smile fool you, he is really creepy)
Doesn't matter what life throw in your way, keep that smile!”, something like that. Really simple quote, but at same time really awesome quote.
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(Ryo, the awesome Hero of Shenmue!)
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Shenmue LOVES Sailors Compilation!
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(Yeah Ryo, we want to play Hang On)
(The hero Ryo Hazuki)
"Wise men put their trust in ideas and not in circumstances." ~ Ralph
Shenmue 1 Promotional Pre-Order Leaflet Japan
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(Like us, Ryo loves Space Harrier)
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Lan Di is after a mirror and, after get the mirror, he attacks Ryos's father. Unfortunately, the father dies, saying to Ryo to keep his friends close and ...
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Because it's freaking Shenmue, Virtua Fighter, and Yakuza. Which this site needs more of in the first place :V Sketchy Stuff: My of Spiky Haired BAMFs
Also, the Japanese quotes like “Juunen hayai da yo” and “Namuuuu” are still there, thanks God. Virtua Fighter still has the best quotes from all Fgames.
Not only he knows, he is actually very good and i lost. I was really pissed with this, and more pissed i was when i knew that you can't fight against him ...
(Goro is back and he helps Ryo)
Shenmue review - A visionary Dreamcast classic reborn on current gen consoles (Image: SEGA)
Shenmue Forever @ShenmueForever · 16 May 2018
That Awkward Moment When People Can't Read ASL
(Yes, i know this photo seems one of these moments from terror movies with satanic kids, but it is the only one i found. Don't worry, Megumi is good)
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Shenmue 3 Releasing on August 27th 2019 Latest Games, August 27, Release Date,
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Ryo Artwork - Characters & Art - Shenmue 2
Nicer Than Necessary: Inspirational Quotes
Shenmue Forever @ShenmueForever · 16 May 2018
The game has a real clock, so everytime the clock reachs 23:30, you have to go back to your house to sleep hehe.
View the screenshots in high-res at the gallery. Shenmue III is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC.
So, the last time i played Shenmue was this last Saturday, for 7 hours in a row. Let's go to our diary now.
Shenmue 100%? Shenmue Ikkoku? So, Nozomi is the shy childhood friend, Shen Hua is the extroverted Chinese girl and the girl with red hair is a tsundere?
Me standing awkwardly with my original copies of Shenmue
He also teaches a move for Ryo. He and Ryo are not really friends, but Zhang says that he would do the same as Ryo is doing...search for revenge.
Specially, Fuku-San has a very emotional scene where he trains with Ryo and ask him to forget the revenge. The same thing for Ine–San.
I don't know. Let's wait next part and see. Bye!
Shenmue Forever @ShenmueForever · 7 May 2018. "
Shenmue Dojo @Shenmue_Dojo · 8 May 2018
Shenmue poster featuring Ryu Hazuki, Longsun Zhao, Shenhua Ling, and Iwao Hazuki.
Boxshot: Shenmue I & II by Sega of America Games For Playstation 4, Video
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(Ryo, going into the darkness of the revenge)
Shenmue 500K @shen500k · 15 May 2018. "
Zen Quotes Unisex T-Shirt
Video Game / Yakuza
Shenmue Forever @ShenmueForever · 22 May 2018
Shenmue Forever @ShenmueForever · 16 May 2018
They are also hoping that they can be listed in the game's credits as a special sponsor with the school, its logo, and website included instead of their ...
Team Yu @TeamYu · 23 May 2018
Ys Net has shared an update on Shenmue III this morning, providing new information and screenshots.
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Like Night in the Woods I developed a regular daily routine while in the process of hunting down clues to find out more on who killed Ryo's father so he ...
Shenmue Forever @ShenmueForever · 16 May 2018
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The Shenmue III Kickstarter campaign has added a PlayStation 4 physical copy reward. All backers pledging for a $60 reward tier or higher will have the ...
View the screenshots in high-res at the gallery. Shenmue III is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC.
Wear A Lil piece of DNasty ANYWHERE YOU GO! Printed Shirts, T Shirts For
Team Yu @TeamYu · 17 May 2018
Shenmue Forever @ShenmueForever · 10 May 2018
And yes I realise it's out of context but still.
Shenmue Dojo @Shenmue_Dojo · 7 May 2018
Cause this is what my t-shirt should say every Friday. Paddles, Jokes
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The Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue III, which launched last month following its debut at Sony Computer Entertainment’s E3 press conference, ...